It's that time of the year where we need volunteers to help with 2024 Accepted Students Program.  The students and their family that have been accepted by Penn State are visiting to make their final decision to accept and attend Penn State UP.  We greet and load buses at BJC during the week to transport them to the HUB and on the three Saturday sessions, we make sure they park safely and quickly in Eisenhower Deck and greet and help with directions at the HUB after they complete their session in Eisenhower.  Different this year, there will be many paid student volunteers.  They will be riding the buses from BJC to the HUB during the week, helping to provide direction to Eisenhower or for Engineering Students to the Thomas Building on Saturday only for their sessions.  During the week sessions, the IM, Findlay Commons Sample Room and Stadium Photos will be avaliable when they walk back to parking at BJC.  No actual dorm rooms are available for visitors during ASP only the sample room in Findlay Commons.  For Saturday sessions the IM, Findlay Commons or Stadium Photos will not be available due to other scheduled events. 

Click Here for SignUp Genius Volunteer Positions.  Please review the available slots and click on the button to sign up.

We appreciate all that you do for the chapter, Penn State Admissions and our future students.  

Thank you!