Please buy your tickets and help your chapter reach it's goal!  Without fundraising there is no way our Chapter can continue to support all of the good works and events it does.  Our fundraising supports scholarships, the Blue Band, student emergencies, and even buys gifts for local children whose families cannot provide Christmas.  If you haven't already, please buy a ticket to THE GREAT ODDS RAFFLE.  Only 100 tickets are being sold.  Grand prize is $3000, 2nd place is $1500 and 3rd place wins $500.  Tickets cost $100 and can be purchased online. 

Click Here to Purchase Your Great Odds Raffle Ticket 
We will have a live drawing during the Happy Hour at The Field Restaurant  (you don't have to be present to win).  One Admission to the Happy Hour is free with the purchase of a raffle ticket.  If you can't purchase online please email  events@psucentre.org and we'll reserve your ticket.  We are in the final stretch and have 3 tickets left to sell!  Final purchases end Tuesday, October 19 at noon.