Membership Renewals

How was your Membership renewal experience?

The Chapter’s fiscal year began July 1st, and with that many of our members’ renewals came due. Members can use the Chapter’s website to:

 1) Renew online;

 2) Print a renewal form to mail in with a check.

We would like your feedback about your Membership renewal experience, as we’re wondering how to enhance the process for next year. Any help you give would be greatly appreciated!

•         Did you have difficulty logging in to your account?

•         Were you able to reset your password if you needed to?

•         Did each person in your household renew their own membership in their own account?

•         Did you have any trouble paying online?

•         Did you have any trouble printing a renewal form to mail in with your check?

•         Any other issues or concerns?

Please send your feedback to

Thank you!

The Membership records team: Mary Lou Dubil, Carol Alerich, Jack and Maureen Welesko