Welcome to Summer in Happy Valley!

It has truly been a magnificent summer so far, with lots of sun and just enough rain to keep the grass green and growing.  Of course, we miss the opportunities to socialize, but it appears everyone is doing what they can to make the best of the limitations imposed by social distancing.  

MaryLou Dubil, Kathy Hume and I participated in the Alumni Leadership Conference (ALC) conducted online by the Alumni Association on Saturday the 27th of June.  Normally a highlight of the summer, with a large gathering of enthusiastic Nittany Lions, this year, it was held virtually.  Surprisingly, it still attracted over 300 registrations.  There was a lot of focus on issues of the day, but the underlying theme was how strong communications, even in an online format, can help to keep us together as a family. 

Hearing the initiatives taken by other chapters to keep their members engaged and informed, I was heartened by the efforts our chapter has undertaken.  While some chapters have held occasional virtual meetings or issued occasional newsletters, the efforts of the CCCPSAA appeared to be notable.  From continuing the monthly happy hours and board meetings (all virtually), to monthly newsletters, the online Blue & White event and the minimal-contact food drive for the Food Bank, we are reaching out and keeping folks involved.  

But we can do more.  Ideas came up such as virtual speaker events, virtual dance party with a DJ, joint virtual meetings with other chapters to share best practices.  If we put our minds to it, I'm sure we can come up with more!  Let us know your ideas and whether you would like to help to organize such events.  

Speaking for your Board of Directors, we wish you a very healthy, happy and productive summer.  We hope that the time when we can once again gather for projects and social gatherings is near.  But until that time, please plan to join us in our virtual events, including our happy hours.  

'See' you soon.

Mike Erdman, President