Dear CCCPSAA Member,

Getting used to the new, Coronavirus-imposed way of living and swiftly adapting to rapidly changing priorities and situations has us all a little off-balance. We are under stress, and that will continue as we face challenges in the uncertain weeks and months ahead.  

At this time, it's important to remember you are not alone. We've seen how this challenging time has brought out the best in people around the world who are caring for each other. The same is happening here in our Penn State community. "We are" is not just a catchy phrase. It emphasizes our connectedness.

We are here to support one another through the chaos and upheaval. We are here to keep each other emotionally and mentally strong.  As you  saw in the most recent CCCPSAA newsletter, if there is something one of us can do to help another, reach out to the chapter at

We are trying to communicate as often as appropriate.  It's a two-way street, and we encourage you to also keep in touch. Listen. Be kind. Show each other the empathy and understanding we all need. Share some humor, some personal or community news – the kinds of things we’d talk about if we were together at a Happy Hour. We all need this human connection.

Mike Erdman

President, Centre County Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association