Centre County Chapter Member Spotlight

Among the Centre County Chapter’s many volunteers are Seth and Charlyne Narehood. For every home game over the past ten years, they have greeted football fans at the Centre County Chapter Welcome Booth, which lies just outside the gates on the North side of Beaver Stadium.

In addition to welcoming fans of Penn State and the visiting team, the married couple offers something at the booth that a lot of people want—buttons. They have the buttons that are made for each Penn State game. This past season, they had slogans like: “Northwestern Goes South” and “Abandon Ship!”

Many people collect the buttons and count on our volunteers to complete their sets. I visited with the couple on three occasions this past season while they welcomed visitors. Each time, I had to get out of the way so Charlyne and Seth could chat with the many football fans and provide them with buttons.

One man who stopped by has been collecting them since 1977. The mother of one of the football players stopped by the booth before the Wisconsin game. She picked up two buttons, one for herself, the other for her husband. The back of her Penn State jersey read “Deion’s Mom.”

People often give donations when they visit the booth. Most drop a dollar in the donation jar. Some give spare change. Others have given as much as twenty dollars.  It all adds up. On average, visitors donate $400 per game for about $2,400 a year. Over the past ten years Seth and Charlyne have helped raised almost $25,000. That money helps underwrite the cost of uniforms for the Blue Band drum major and feature twirler. The money also supports the Emergency Grant Fund, and the Centre County Chapter’s Scholarship Fund, which benefits Penn State students from Centre County.

It is great to see the dedication of members like Seth and Charlyne. The chapter appreciates their efforts.

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